Our Highlights


Our Swap will allow users to easily exchange one cryptocurrency for another without having to go to a centralized exchange.

Auto Rewards

High 20% auto-reward in SPAY tokens (an amazing project that is awaiting to explode to its NEW all time high like BTC, ETH)

Commited Team

An entire team of responsible and commited cryptocurrency specialists that aim to benefit investors with this 2 token combo.

About us

As loyal fans and original investors who have benefited from SPAY's tremendous growth from $10k MC to its All-Time High MC of $6 million, we have decided to create this MetaSPAY project to pay tribute to the original SPAY. More importantly, we want to give back by giving more people the chance to own SPAY by simply holding MetaSPAY.

What makes this project tick

18% Buy and Sell Tax

To provide every holder with the best value

    • 10% SPAY Auto Reward10%
    • 8% Marketing and Dev team expenses10%

    3% Max Wallet

    This is to protect you and all other investors from falling victim to whales dumping and manipulating the price.


    Total Supply: 1 Trillion
    Initial Liquidity: 3BNB

    The perfect infinite loop

    BNB/ MetaSPAY / SPAY

    This amazing reward loop that we have designed for you gives you infinite profits. It's pretty simple:

    1. You buy MetaSPAY with BNB
    2. MetaSPAY rewards you SPAY tokens
    3. SPAY rewards you BNB
    4. You use your BNB rewards to buy more MetaSPAY!

    Wanna know the latest news?
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